myHealthIRL “In Real Life” gives you back┬áthe power

to manage your health records in an uncensored context.

Have your health records all in one place.

And Locked with Ethereum Blockchain Encryption.

Manage who sees your records.

Using the power of Ethereum Contracts you can choose who sees your records

Get Online Consultations, and second opinions on health records.

Manage consultations with smart contracts.


  1. Hi Tom. Using short sentences as entered paragraph statements might be an excellent way to elude memory for later detailed writing – but could you please take us through line by line with comments on: Sustainability, Innovation and Community building predominately present here. My suggestion: Health, besides Wallet, is the dominant value of what we know as Life (P2P) ~ Please contact: .. Thx

    1. Thank you for your input. We are making some major changes and will incorporate this in our new layout.

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